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 Before starting about Affiliate marketing ,we would like to brief about the topics that are related to it .We are very well aware of the different marketing strategies that are developing in the modern world . These strategies were not there in past times and are developed and even still developing ,came into existence recently ,and thus offer a huge scope of growth as well for veryone adapting and initiating them in their daily day to day life. DIgital marleting as we know offers wide variety of caeers,each of the subfield it has is a career course in its own .we have explained this in detail in the past as well.

We have till now discussed in detail about SEO(Search engine optimization), SMM(Social media marketing),content writing ,digital marketing. Their scope ,job opportunities etc we have discussed them all ,now we are going to discuss about the term Affiliate marketing.

Affilaite marketing in easy words is a digital marketing strategy,where the company or the business does not directly promotes their products,services etc but instead of it , the third party people promotes the services or the products of the brand so he or she is responsible for the advertisemnt ,marketing or the promotion of the business and they get a fixed percentage of commsion depending on the product that they are able to generate a sale .

The affiliate marketing,s sphere is increasing in the modern times because this is a marketing practise that can be initiated in any domain ,whether you have a business and looking to generate sale ,whether you are a website owner and want to bring traffic to your site ,whether you are a service provider, you can take the benefits of affiliate marketing. This marketing strategy has the power to generate leads , generate sales ,bring traffic to your website ,so if done efficiently it can be proven very useful.


Affiliate is the person who is engaged somehow in some way or the other with the domain of affiliate marketing. Thus we can say that he \she may not be directly involved in the brand but after joining the affiliate programs they are an important asset for their respective brands because they are not only the advertisers,but in some cases they are the trust providers,even the spoke person for the brand because obviously their image will be corresponding to the image of their respective brands. 

Thus it should be the utmost duty of the company to choose their affiliates in the affiliate marketing wisely, if they promote any harmful activities or any bad things under their domains they should be boycotted and not allowed to run the affiliate programs for the brands.


Affiliate marketing offers a work environment and work situations that are often beneficial to both the brand as well as their affiliates both. This is because it is comparatively easy for the new startups to run their affiliate programs as they are not more costly and since they are new startups they are not in a position where they can spend a lot on their marketing.

So in those cases the brands look for affiliate marketing programs to promote them, which will be effective and efficient both for them. Moreover, the brand just needs to pay the commission for only the leads that are successfully converted into the customers or service takers,other people who just show interest in the brand,the brand does not pay the commission for them.

In the case of affiliates or the 3 people that are involved, affiliate marketing is also a good option to earn because it is quite a safe thing for the starting as it does not require 

any capital or any involvement of money because in the starting of career, this is a major obstacle for many people to arrange money, moreover, affiliate marketing provides flexible working hours. it is not necessary to be on the phone from a fixed period of time to another fixed period of time but you can use your phone any time of the day for 2-3 hours of the day and it will provide results to you.

Apart from that affiliate marketing provides a scope of growth to the affiliates and the brand both . During the affiliate program, the brand will get various leads that otherwise they would not get,many people who earlier were unaware about the brand will now be aware bout it so it will benefit the brand and when the affiliate joins the program they will also get the necessary exposure which they need as a starting push in their career, moreover, their domain and their contacts will also increase.

If earlier for example they knew 5people only,but after joining the affiliate program,they will interact with the customers, other affiliates of the same company or the other so they will also get to know more people and as we all know how important is the contact building in the corporate world. We seriously do not know when or at what point someone can benefit you.

And in most of the cases the commission percentage is already fixed by the brand,so we can analyze that after deep studying of their cost ,their profit margin the brand selects the percentage so they still earn profit after giving commission to affiliates and as well the affiliates can also analyze the time they will invest,

If they think the money is worth the time invested they can opt further. So we can say it is a win,win situation for both the parties. Also affiliate marketing is a good source of passive income for the people who are involved and also for the people who are learning and trying to get involved in it.


There are many big giants who offer great affiliate marketing programs. Amazon is one of them, amazon has its own affiliate program that is free for everyone, be it a website owner, blogger, or content creator, they can join the Amazon affiliate program.

Here the people share the exact same products of Amazon under their own website and Amazon generates a special affiliate link for every affiliate involved and every person who clicks on the link is then redirected to Amazon.

Moreover there is a specific limit also set by the brand , under that fixed period of time if the customer makes the purchase then the affiliates can earn their commission.The average commission percentage set by the company remains between 1 to 10 %of the price of the product . 


Many e-commerce sites are also entering the domain of affiliate marketing and are earning well. This is improving their own products and their affiliate products as well.

Apart from this,there are many people who have made websites solely for the purpose of affiliate marketing and they are also earning well. If you will surf them or visit the websites it will look like an e-commerce website but in reality, they will be filled with various affiliate links and will be affiliate marketing websites in real.


Wirecutter(new york times)

Points wallet(discontinued)

Health ambition

Dog food advisor


These are some of the websites that did well in the affiliate programs apart from these there are many more as well.

So yes there is a lot of scope in affiliate marketing,you need to advertise someone else’s product and if the product is sold to the customer by your help you will earn money in the form of commission.

But we need to also think that if it was this easy there may be so many people who will be trying to do it . But still no need to worry because here is the catch , every website needs rank from google in order to generate organic traffic and organic traffic is the most respectable traffic for any website in the eyes google or any search engine

Plus there is only one way to get rank from google that is to be good in the SEO(search engine optimzation) that will give you rank from the google and will help you generate traffic on your website ,and for good SEO you must be good in content writing so that you can accordingly publish your blogs and provide the people important information regarding your niche.


The scope of affiliate marketing is very vast and it covers various jobs inside it which we are going to discuss.


We have discussed already what an affiliate is and what are the work that an affiliate needs to do


We can refer the managers as the experienced Affiliates. They can work to listen to the queries of the affiliates during their affiliate marketing programes and can help them. They could also work on establishing better relations amongst the affiliates, customers,and the brand as well.


We have discussed how important is the SEO to be ranked in the top sites of Google so if you are looking for a proper and well-managed affiliate program an SEO specialist can be very helpful to you . They can provide you backlinks from various websites so that your domain and page authority can increase and moreover, a sense of trust can be increased in the eyes of Google.

Backlinks are basically those links which redirects users to your sites,so Google thinks that the other websites are also recommending you in that case.


SEO can not be done without a content writer,in most cases and SEO specialist is also a master in content writing so you may not always need one but if you want to divide the work efficiently among different employees then a content writer can be a good option.


A digital marketing expert can not only be helpful in your Affiliate programs but also they can elevate your business in the market by their modern marketing strategies,by social media marketing,by running your ads etc. 

We know that the majority of the audience is on social media right now so a digital marketing expert will also know how to attract the audience on social media to your page and then to your website also


A data analystt is a keen observer in the affiliate program. They will analyze the programs, the company’s growth in each phase and they can suggest new changes if required.

They are also up to date and well known about the latest trends so can also advice the affiliates about some changes if needed to be taken.

In India this job is in demand as well with the average salary more than 1 lakh for one month,and this is not bad when we talk about flexible hours and also just by passive income,so we can even think if we work solely on the affiliate marketing we can even earn more than the average salary as well.


Many people searh this quert as to how to start affiliate marketing. so the answer to this is very simple. 

  1. Analyse or understand your interests, your niche, because according to your interests, you can target and plan your audience 
  2. Pick up a platform where you can showcase your skills 
  3. You must join an affiliate marketing network so that you can come in contact with other affiliates as well 
  4. Keep doing these marketing strategies to grow further in this field

This maybe the simplest answer to your question . 


There are many affiliate marketing networkds that you can join , some of them are as follows

  1. Amazon
  2. Click bank
  3. Ebay
  4. ShareASale
  5. Lead dyno   

In conclusion, we would like to say that affiliate marketing is a world that can benefit both the affiliates (by earning them handsome commissions) and the brands(by increasing their targeted audience). We have discussed in detail about the term affiliate marketing.

Remember if you are an experienced affiliate or a young affiliate then this is the field where you need to practice and apply your knowledge but it will also be beneficial to you if you continue to practice hard.

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