Digital marketing

In today’s world there is a growing demand for the term Digital Marketing . In earlier times people used to advertise their sales , products , services through some big big pamphlets , giving their ads in the newspapers , endorsing their products between the commercial ad breaks when people used to watch their favourite TV serials , or in between their favourite movies .

These ads were sometimes proved to be boring or the main cause of us changing the channels or even getting annoyed over it but it is what it is . This is how the traditional advertisements used to work , but talking about today , the world has changed alot and so are the trends and even the methods of advertising the products .This led to rise in the demand for the term Digital Marketing

The best point about this field is that it is 100% accessible by your mobile phone or your laptop so whether on vacations or any holiday you can still access your work and keep in touch with your clients side by side enjoying vacations .

Digital marketing


Digital marketing is the latest type of trend that helps you to endorse your product online through the help of social media platforms using the internet and various forms of digital communications . It helps you to target the potential consumers and turn them into our customers unlike the old advertisements which used to target each and every section of their audience regardless of their age, choices , gender etc , often leading to waste of time and money also .

But this is not the case with Digital Marketing , as it only targets the people who are having their genuine interest in a particular brand , service , product and are also willing to take or purchase it, leading to the saving of time and money .

This is not a small field with only some topics but it is a very large field in which each topic has its own value and importance , so this makes it quite obvious that this field develops the overall intellect of the digital marketers and they are also able to satisfy the needs of their clients according to the projects 


Some of the basic fields   or the services that are included in the field of digital marketing are as follow :- 

  • Affiliate marketing 
  • Brand building 
  • SEO optimization 
  • Social media marketing 
  • Email marketing 


This type of marketing is getting very popular these days and it works on the commission basis . Here a business hires an affiliate person and that person will be responsible for the promotion of the business online and offline both . If the person is able to generate customers or the leads and is proven beneficial to the business or the respected organisation then he is given commision according to the amount of the sale he is able to generate .

Some online companies who have their business on the online platforms also provide affiliate person with their affiliate links and when a customer purchases the product with an affiliate link the the product is discounted for them and as well as the commission is given to the affiliate person 

This type of marketing is good for those who already have a number of audience so they are able to create traffic or generate a number of leads , however they still have to practise hard to increase their online leads  and earn a handsome profit 


Brand building is one of the major steps in digital marketing which a brand invests on because it consists of many practises that will hel the brand to establish on the online platforms .It helps the brand or the organisation to build a reputation , a respectable  rand identity and also helps the company to contact and keep a check on their target audiences . 

Some major sub points that are very important in the brand building are 

  • Making a website that targets the consumer or the customer 
  • Have authentic and useful as well as eye catching content that will bring audience to you website 
  • SEO optimization (we will discuss this further )
  • SMO[ social media optimization] we will also discuss this further 
  • EMAIL marketing discussed below 


SEO stands for search engine optimization , this practice includes all the measures used so that your website could rank over the search engines so that people could see and come to your website which will be beneficial to your business.

This consists of optimising your website both directly and indirectly , using various triggers or keywords that will help you to rank , making your content authentic that the people might like , using various backlinks that will bring audience to your site and promoting your website verbally as well and various other methods .


A s we all know that in today’s world the majority of the audience is present on social media so this is the most effective way to target our audience online through applications like instagram , facebook etc . it consists of many tips and tricks such as having good audience retention , interacting with your followers , posting regular and good quality content etc .


This email marketing is a very unique step in the field if digital marketing that helps the company to send send their emails to a number of their targeted audience , on the basis of the products , services they are providing , and thus establishing a healthy customer -company relationship also establishing a sense of trust in the minds of the consumers 

 However there are many other fields which are inside the vast topic of the digital marketing that will help you to improve in every possible sphere , you will also learn how to make your own website , how to write attractive contents , how to market and expand your business online and many other things 


There are many institutes that offer digital marketing courses , no matter what your location is or where you belong , you will easily get any institute that can teach you digital marketing in detail . 

There may be many Digital marketing courses according to your institution , like some institutes offer courses like ,Advanced courses , masters courses , or specialised marketing on only 1 particular field .

While some institutes offer certificate courses, diploma courses and then advanced diploma courses as well, you need to analyse that the institution from where you are learning is based on more practical than theory because this field is totally practical as compared to theoretical , so more practical knowledge would help you become a better digital marketer .

 The fees of the basic course starts from around 15k to 25k and are usually about 2 months long while if you are opting for advance courses then the fee may vary from 30 k to 80,90k as well because these courses are more long and provide more knowledge to the students about various fields and tools that are to be used accordingly .


As we have discussed, digital marketing is a vast field and consists of a number of topics which are career oriented topics in themselves as individuals .So it allows people to also operate a digital marketing agency where not only 1 person is going to do each and everything but instead of this it has a number of people who are specialised in their own field and as a result the work is distributed so everyone will do their work best, and over a period of time on continuous practise the person will master their own specialised field  

For a better understanding , if an organisation has division in its work and also specialisation in the work then the organisation will be able to satisfy the needs of the customers or their audience as a result it will profit both the  digital marketing agency as well the customer 


The term freelancing often means working as an individual , working on your own terms and conditions as self employed and is often different from the agency . Here the freelancers could take up different projects or assignments from the clients and fullfill their required requirements individually , as well as there are many freelancers who are specialised in various tasks and fields and are also earning very well and in future also there is a great of the term freelancing whether it is digital marketing , graphic designing or any other field that is related to the computers 

Hence we can also conclude that this field of Digital marketing is an in demand field , and will continue to grow in the near future as well because now more number of people will start targeting their their audience digitally , online through social media and many other ways rather than old traditional ways of printing ads in newspapers or pamphlets etc . If you want to start your career in this field then this is the right time to start . Click here to get more information and if you want to read the blog of our partener then here is the link ( TECHNO PANTHERS.COM)


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