7 Powerful Tips to Skyrocket Your Dropshipping Success


In this modern world many people are in constant thinking to innovate their business their job and the activities that involving themselves in to get proper benefits and also to get more successful in which ever field they are whether they are doing there business weather a job whether as freelancer or any other type of activities they are indulged in.

In the recent years we have seen the ultimate rise Of The E-Commerce business and Amazon Flipkart are the prime examples of showing how E-Commerce business can run very well can generate huge amount of profit and also can satisfy the knees of the customers while sitting at home and not going to shop offline 

The growing demand and also the need of The E-Commerce has given the rise to a new type of business which is called as dropshipping. This is a new type of business where many people are involved in dropshipping as it allows the businessman the vendors to operate their business without having a physical or tangible location to store the products or the things that a business sells

The main benefit that dropshipping offers under its domain is that unlike In The E-Commerce businesses where you have to maintain the stock in a location in some factories or underground godowns at sector and A drop shipping there is no need to maintain all these you can continue with your business without managing these .


So basically the people who are involved in the dropshipping need to have proper contacts with the third party people from whom they are about to get the products and they  basically sell the products from the third party people and other result we can also say that they are advertising someone other’s products under their own brand. So in these consider salad doesn’t have to worry about managing and keeping the products and he also doesn’t need to worry about the products because all the tensions of products are of the third party people.

The question to how the drop shipping works is very easy, we are going to understand it by the steps that are given below :-

1) the seller involved in the drop shipping business makes his or her own site or a page on any social media platform and places the products that they are going to dropshipping under that

2) when the consumer or the customer visits or surfs their site or their page they see the products that are listed over there and the products that they are getting offered

3) the consumer or the customer places the order from that siteor page  to the dropshipping seller 

4) The dropshipping Seller shares all the necessary information of the customer to the third party people involved and it is a duty of the third party people to deliver the product to the customer

5) After the product is delivered successfully, waiting for some days the dropshipping seller gets the desired profit that both the parties have agreed to deal upon.

6) Sometimes the drop shipping seller can also place the product with their margine   on their own landing page or the website adding on to the commissions in the advance

So we can say it is a win situation for the dropshipping person. But first you have to go place to place, you have to talk to various vendors and various person involved, and you have to make contacts with the person with whom you can purchase the product or the person who can offer the product at low price than the market.



A mobile is always needed to start any business because a mobile will give you the access to establish contacts talk to the people and talk to the third party workers or discussing about the supply of the product.


Internet also plays a vital role in establishing a business because this dropshipping business is purely an online business and not an offline one, it is similar to the E-Commerce or the reselling model of business so internet will play a very vital or crucial role in organising the website making the landing page managing the social media accounts and also interacting with the potential consumers involved.


When starting the drop shipping business you should always keep in mind that you must have something to invest whether it is your time or it is your money, you need one of the two things for investing if you want to be successful in dropshipping because this type of business offers a good return when you invest something in it but not very early or in the very start.


Many people will asume that the basic problem with the drop shipping business is how can they build a good website, a website that the consumers will like ,how will they manage their social media handles, how will the post regularly,how will they stay relevant in this business?  how can they find some good wholesalers or how can they find good third party people in the market or how can the offer good products to the customers.

But believe me that is just 10% of a total problem the basic challenge that possesses in the dropshipping business is that how will you reach the customers how will the customers engage with you or when they will come to the website will they purchase the product from you? are you able to maintain that kind of trust in their eyes that they will buy the product from your platform only? 

These are some of the basic challenges in the dropshipping business and if you are good in digital marketing then your problem is solved. You are not going to have any problem because digital marketing will give you all types of techniques and tricks that will bring the customers to you,  that will also bring you closer to the customer by being good in SEO,(search engine optimisation),being good in content writing ,having a good website being good in social media marketing running Google ads running Facebook ads Instagram ads etc.

All these techniques will make sure that you dropshipping business will definitely have a good image or impression in the minds of consumers or the customers and will make you relevant by delivering the products and by initiating all the necessary practices that are required in this field. 

Retargeting often also plays a vital role in the dropshipping business because it is the mentality of any person that they are not going to buy a product from a website in just one go or when they surf  the website for just one time, so you need to retarget your customers you need to bring them again and again to your website and only then they will buy something from you

So basically the main thing that a drop shipping person or the drop shipping seller needs to do is the marketing of the product. If the marketing of the product is very good then it will give you benefits and you  do not have to take tension of anything apart from the marketing, you just have to make sure that you are delivering good services and good products to the consumers and the product is of good quality and ,you are able to establish good connections with the wholesalers involved.


If you want to start your own drop shipping then the two big Giants in India wholesaledock and deodab . These two websites or these two companies provide products , daily products at very low prices at the rate of wholesale and you can take the products in the bulk from them and can publish the products under your own website at your own prices after adding the marketing cost that (that is the cause that you are spending for a particular product on its marketing) and also after adding your margin you can declare the final price of the product.

Moreover you can import the products from China because we know that China is a big market and it can offer the products at very cheap rates ,also if you don’t want any of these options then you can find some local vendors or can established contacts with the people that can supply the products at very cheap prices .

for example Mumbai is a place where many of the dropsing businesses are involved.


The basic question that most of people have in the mind is that how much time or how much money do the need to invest in their Dropshipping business before they can get the desired results?

If we are talking about time, because time is the most important thing. Money when lost  can be earned back but this is not the case at time, so if we talk about the time we must invest at least 30 to 40 days with our full potential to see the desired results.

And in these 30 to 40 days we can design around website we can do SEO we can I do just contents we can also work on a social media handles we can post regularly the wheel the post and if I product is good we can have the desired results without running the Google ads Instagram or Facebook ads we can earn profit if we have good quality products.

If we talk about the money that you need to invest it is about rs5000 to10000 and that money, you will need to invest in making a website running your ads on various social media platforms so that your product could reach up to more audience and you also need to engage with them so that more people will get to know you.

There are websites like shopify which helps a lot in the dropshipping business. You just need to connect your store to the website and need to interact with various sellers who are on shopify and by contacting them you can work in partnership with them,moreover the seller will ship your product to the customer.


Dropshipping a allows the location flexibility to the people involved because ,as we know we do not need to manage the inventory the stock etc,and moreover it requires less capital involved because we do not need to maintain all the kind of stuff involved, apart from that there are fewer risks if you are just a newbie or looking for a startup so you can definitely look to the drop shipping.

This is because you might not have much of the capital and much of the risk involved ,and apart from that it also saves your time , and the major profit that is in the drop shipping business is that you are only paying for the product when the product is sold to the customer that means you are paying to the third party people from the customer not from your own pocket which makes it very easy for a drop shipping people.

That is why drop shipping is a good career option when you want to perceive it with full potential and if you are willing to work upon it because it is time consuming. 


There are many websites that are solidly based for the purpose of drop shippings and to help people learn and earn by drop shipping some of them are written as follows :-

1)India mart

2)Exporters India

3)Trade India

4)Wholesale box

These are just a few websites apart from them there are also many websites from where you can start around dropshipping business some of the websites we have also discussed above in the blog.



We all know that there is a growing demand for all the cell phones and the cell phones demand has made the demand for the cell phone accessories also quite high.

if you are using mobile then you surely need to have charger screen guard cover wire cable lead etc and that is why these products are one of the top most priority when talking about the demand in dropshipping 


Nowadays we are going towards a path of sustainable development and that’s why the consumers are also trying to purchase or to look forward to the more environment-friendly products such as reusable straws, paper bags, bamboo toothbrushesl etc 


Everything is becoming so modern in today’s world and that is why there also need for the smart home devices the voice assistant smart lightning , security cameras smart bulbs etc 


The pet owners always spoil their pets with their ultimate love and they are constantly buying something new for their pets whether it’s dog ,cat etc show the products are also in a great demand and by drop shipping them we can earn lots of profit 



Clothes are the top that are never out of demand whether in summers or in winters people are definitely looking to buy something new or something fashionable for them more over the trend keep on changing which makes people shop more and shop according to the trends

This was all about the term dropshipping,we have discussed it in detail ,there is a similar term called affiliate marketing, you can check our blog ,click here

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