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 Before begining with our blog about facebook ads vs google ads , let us first talk about the organic growth. We all know that the organic growth is the best type of growth possible for a business,the organic growth ,marketing by oral communication have a different impact on the sales of a business,but often this takes a hefty amount of time. It takes hardwork and dedication of years to build a brand organically,but sadly many small businesses donot have enough resources,assets ,time and money to dedicate and deliver so they can not survive here.

So for these kind of small business,running ads is the best solution,as the ads give you the authority and brings you in a position where you can effectively grow your business and are able to generate decent profits from the very start . There is no minimum qualification of a business required to run ads ,every business,whether small or big can run ads on various platforms .the most famous names being Facebook and Google ads giving us a dilemma of which one is better and starting a topic Facebook ads vs google ads

In the digitally growing world ,there is always a question of debate ,by various digital marketers and several businesses as well ,as to which platform is best for running ads online. Is it Facebook ads vs  Google ads ? Which platform should a business choose to get the best results possible.

Businesses,brands ,companies ,spend huge amounts of Wealth on marketing strategies and various other techniques to get the very best out of their business,so they also want to know that according to their products or services which platform would be more efficient for them,for their brand to grow!

So let us start our in-depth blog post about the topic titled Facebook ads vs Google ads 


There is a great need for running ads for the new businesses that are not so old in the market because at provide away for the businesses to instantly find and target their audiences and generate profits out of their businesses.

Moreover running ads can help you engaging with your customers and also built familiar relations with them which will help you in converting your customers into your loyal customers and it will ensure that whenever in future they are in need to buy a product they will instantly look at you.


Well this topic as to which platform is better in the Facebook ads vs google ads is quite technical . You just can not say that one platform is good or one platform outshines the other as both of them have a significant amount of competition between them . In the topic Facebook ads vs google ads we will know in detail about both the sides point of view and then it is totally upon the audience as to which platform suites best their niche ,their choices and their interests.


Yes Facebook is a good option to run ads for your business ,you can run various ads for your business ,brand , company irrespective of how much time you have spent in the market ,it is not the main question ,the main question is that the ads should be societally legit ,they should not have a bad impact on society and inturn provide something valuable to their audiences.

There are some protocols that are Facebook’s protocols and these are done so that the social media platform gets an upper hand in the race of Facebook ads vs google ads. These protocols ensure that nothing bad is displayed on the Facebook ads ,apart from this the Facebook page for which you are running ads should be at least 1-2 weeks old with atleast 10 posts ,to ensure that this is not an infant account,apart from that Facebook provides us variety of options to run ads ,such as awareness ads,traffic ads,sales ad,leads ad, engagement ad etc.

So Facebook ensures that an account must run a minimum of awareness ad and then traffic ad to move on to the further stages of running ads on Facebook,if these protocols are not taken care of them Facebook can even terminate or ban your Facebook ads account.

Facebook provides an affordable platform to run ads for its audience,you can start the sales ad or engagement ads with anything over 200rs per day ,which can be very affordable vor various new Businesses and continuously by running ads they can improve over time and striver for higher ads to get higher leads. This is a plus point for Facebook’s ads which gives it a higher advantage in the domain Facebook ads vs google ads.

Business can show their ads to audiences having interests in their same niche ,not only on Facebook but Instagram as well which increases its audience base as well.

But one major point where the Facebook lacs giving Google a better advantage in Facebook ads versus Google ads is that on Facebook you cannot get multiple add accounts to run ads at the same time you must need to spend some time and after sometime I regular intervals if you are doing good on Facebook ads then Facebook will give you other add accounts as well.

So this means that if you are very first add account is terminated or is banned then you need to start another completely different page another completely different Facebook ID, in the case of Google it was very sure that it would get an upper hand in this point of Facebook ads versus Google ads as there are no such restrictions of sitting up any add accounts before running ads, so on Google you can set up multiple add accounts at the same time insurance that you can also serve your multiple customers at the same time, which was not the case with Facebook in which you were not allowed to run multiple ads from multiple accounts without spending time.


Just like the the Facebook platform which enables us to run ads on the social media handles so the Google also provides a domain and area where we can run ads for a business or our brand company.And just like Facebook Google also price time to time to bring about certain specific changes to ensure that Google gets and upper hand in the domain Facebook ads vs Google ads 

On comparison Google ads are quite costlier or quiet expensive then the Facebook ads. Where the Facebook ads are quite cheaper and anyone can start running ads with the minimum of 250 rupees but on Google the minimum amount to run ads is 500 rupees. While both Facebook and Google do not specify any specific amount to run ads on their platform just two ensure they do not have a down grade in the domain of Facebook ads vs Google ads but in reality to get effective results these are the minimum numbers required .

This means that you can even Run your ads lower than the amount specified but if you run ads on that budget these platform will not be able to provide you best results for your campaigns. 

Although many people might criticise Google that there ads are quite expensive than the Facebook ads but here is the catch, the catch is that Google ads are better than the Facebook ads because according to studies they provide more leads better sales as compared to Facebook ads when the product is also expensive or the price of product is quite high 


Now comes the main question as to which platform is better the topic Facebook ads vs Google ads?

The very basic answer to this question is that if your product or the service that you are delivery is not so expensive or you have a low budget for example if you are product or your service is lesser than 5000-7000 then typically Facebook ads will be the best choice for you as the audience on Facebook can be converted into loyal customers if you are able to target them efficiently

But if you are budget and moreover your product all your service is quite expensive say over 10000rs  then in that case Google ads should be the platform that you must target in that case Facebook would not be able to provide you best results.

One more reason is that the ads on Facebook and Instagram are shown when the user is scrolling or surfing the app and at that time the audience might not make any big purchases and that is also the basic human psychology which makes Facebook a good platform for running ATS that have lower budget or when the product is at a lower cost 

Totally opposite to that when a user searches something on Google then they are searching it for the purpose of enquiring or getting information about that particular product or service which makes Facebook a good platform to run ads because in that it can have better sales or better lead conversion 

But since the minimum cost for getting better results is 500 rupees on Google so if your product has a lower margin of profit then if you run ads on Google you would not be able to generate profits because the majority of your profits will get adjusted in running Google ads so if the profit margin is quite high then you should target Google otherwise Facebook is the best option for you.

So this was all about which platform should you choose Facebook ads versus Google ads I hope you are clear as per which platform you must choose and accordingly you target your audiences effectively and efficiently.

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