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The term funnel marketing is quite famous in the market and especially in the field of digital marketing. So briefly talking funnel marketing basically refers to the purchase cycle of a customer the different stages that they undergo before purchasing or buying a product or a service can be referred as funnel marketing.


The traditional funnel marketing is quite different from the modern one has under the traditional one there were many different sub categories or the sub points 

These were as follows 

1) Awareness (first point of funnel marketing)

The first and the foremost point in the funnel marketing techniques is the awareness of the particular brand business or the company, as the name suggest under the awareness the company awares its customers about the product or the service that they are offering and in this step they are just trying to reach up to their audience ,

sale is not the priority hair but establishing a customer base is the four most priority in this

2) Interest

After the company of the brand is done with the awareness then they look up for the potential customers that are interested in their products or the services and now they start targetting them according to their needs or wants

3) Desire 

And the third step it is the desire of the customers the company or the brand gets in detail knowledge about what a customer desire and according to that they bring about the changes and their products so that they could deliver the best possible outcome or the best possible product to the customer. 

4) Action

If all the three steps of the funnel marketing are done efficiently and effectively then a customer will purchase the product or will acquire the service from the company and this is called as the course of action.


The modern funnel marketing is the latest type of this funnel marketing and this has increased the sphere of marketing up to a huge extent and this is because of the various tools and the technology is that are involved that the businesses can use under their domain so as to grab and reach up to majority of the audience is that they were not able to reach up beforeĀ 

The modern funnel marketing consists of the following steps 

1) Attract

Under the first step the basic aim of a business is to attract the audience and to attract them they can start of with awareness under awareness they can reach up to the audiences they can also declare any special discounts any savings or something like that so that audience is can get click by the brand and they remember the brand later also.

2) Engage 

The second step is engaging, if a brand is doing the funnel marketing then engaging with the audience is must.

it is very necessary a brand must engage with its audience because whenever we will engage with the audience we will get to know their likes their dislikes what are the things that attract them what are the things that it do not like and accordingly we can bring out the changes in our products or service is that will satisfy our customers to maximum.

3) Capture 

The third step is capturing the audience, under this step the main work of the company or the brand starts 

So  during the process of engaging, many brands, businesses or the people having their website try to take up the email or the phone number of their audience. This can be done manually by asking them also or many of the businesses  having their own websites they set up different kinds of  popups ,in which the surfer are required to put their information in.

Once they share their information like their email or their phone number under their pop in the website owner gets aware of their email and their phone number 

4) Nurture 

Under the step of nurture the websites might give them some kind of toolkit or eBooks for free of cost in order to maintain good brand image in the eyes of the audience the might give them one or multiple ebooks or toolkits and they even share their latest products or services that they are bringing out in the market to their audiences which they get the number from the popups

Apart from this the brands also help the audiences in in any sphere under the domain of the nest of the brand so that to have a good brand image in the eyes of audience 

5) Convert

After all the four steps are done effectively and efficiently now the audience is turned out to be a loyal audience for the brand and then it is the right time for the audience to purchase any product or the service of the brand and now the audience is converted into the customer.


With the coming of modern technology is it has given a different and a very new sphere to the various funnel marketing strategies the various tools that are present today helps a business or a brand to effectively target their audiences and also be well aware of what the audience is like or dislike and what they need. 

These tools are the major reason why the modern funnel marketing single handed lead dominates that traditional funnel marketing. 

The tools that are required in this type of marketing are as follows


Poptin basically consists of various popups , which opens whenever a suffer opens a particular website and they are required to fill their information under those Poppins and this poptance give the basic information like the phone number or the email address of the audience for the surfer 2 the website owners and after that the website owners can capitalise on those information that are provided and time to time they can send messages to the users 

2) Facebook ads

Facebook ads is a very cheap and effective way to grow your business, the Facebook ads give you variety of options to run ads for your business such as awareness ad traffic ad sale ad lead ad and these ads are often quite affordable as well

3)Meta pixel

A metapixel is a pixel that is manually attached to the code of the website and it basically allows the website owner to track the audience that are coming to their website after clicking on the link that was provided in the Facebook ads so after the add is ended they can make a list of their audience and they can capitalise on them by showing them there ads again if they are interested

4) Google Analytics 

Google analytics is one of the very important softwares if you are a website owner as this software helps you to get detailed information of your organic traffic, apart from that you could get a list of even the countries where the organic traffic for your content is high and accordingly you could target the trends and the fashion that are currently taking place in that particular country 

5)Google ads

Just like the Facebook ads Google also allows us to expand are business using their platform, we can even Run ads on Google for our businesses but it is comparatively quite expensive as compared to Facebook ads but intern Google ads provide better results and better conversion then the Facebook ads.



In the funnel marketing, the business has a clear view of the journey of its customers and its audiences , because in this type of marketing the brand deeply analyses the customer behaviour , their interests , their likes and dislikes etc.


Engaging is a very basic and must-have factor when you want to change your audience into a loyal customer, so this principle also comes in the basic step of this type of marketing where companies constantly engage with their audiences, telling them about their latest schemes or anything, with the aim to have healthy and fruitful relations with their customers.


If a business is following this funnel strategy, then they can target their audiences more effectively and efficiently since they are well aware of each and every cycle that a consumer is going through in the whole process.


Since the targeting is better in the funnel marketing, so it also has a better conversion because we only target a specific audience regarding a product that they are potentially looking for and we are able to satisfy their needs and wants as well.


Since the targeting is better , which leads to higher conversion of the audience, so it also leads to aa better return on investment as well.


In the funnel marketing we have a proper data for each and everything , where we are spending , who is interested in our products, their gender, their age, their location etc, so accordingly we can initiate our further process.


Since it is data driven also, so accordingly time to time we can increase or decrease the scalability of our marketing campaigns depending upon the conditions in the market, if the market is doing well and there is more demand for the products in the market, at that time we can increase the scalability of our marketing campaigns and if the market is at low, the demand of the product is a bit low, at that time we can also reduce the scalability of our marketing campaigns.



This process of marketing is a bit time consuming because you have to first start with the awareness , then  you need to analyze the consumer cycle , their shopping behaviour and various other prospects , yoiunhave to spend a lot of time before you can convert them into your loyalm customers, so it takes a loyt of time , and during this time the majority of businesses get demotivated and close their campaigns.


Since these campaigns are extensively and heavily data driven , it often leads to over dependency on the data and we are not able to execute our plans without the given data.


Since the business needs to engage with the customers ,so sometimes with the aim of engaging, they can overwhelm the customers by continuously messaging them which leads to the customer getting irritated.


The major drawback in the funnel marketing is thaat even if one of  the steps in the funnel is put wrong , then the whole process of the funnel gets misaligned, so there is a need to check each and every step.


Since tere is always a possibility that any step of the funnel can be wrong , so there is continuous need to check , which is even very time consuming also.


We have seen various brands that did exceptionally well in the sphere of funnel marketing. Moreover, these strategies helped them a lot in growing and expanding their customer base and turn their audiences into loyal and happy customers as well. 

Some prime examples where we can see the use of funnel marketing are the examples of Amazon and Flipkart. these brands have their tracker set on all theb audiences and whenever someone surfs their app regarding a particular object or a product, the user needs and wants are tracked and accordingly they are shown ads for the same. These ads are of the same product or related and are shown by various platforms, so that the audience gets constantly clicked again and again regarding the same and finally at some point they purchase the product. 

You might also have seen that whenever we surf a product on amazon or flipkart and they just add something to their cart , then after some time they send messages such as ( your cart is waiting for you) or something like that so that the customers also gets clicked again about their caart and make the purchase.this is how the funnel marketing works.

The funnel marketing strategies are very important for a business to grow and expand and also enables a brand to form up healthy relations with their clients and their audiences. This is the type of marketing which will not give you the immediate results or the fast results but will constantly power up the base or the whole structure of your business and will be very beneficial for your business or brand in the long run.

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