Today in this blog we are going to understand about the topic modern-vs-traditional-marketing and also about which are the things that we need to give more importance and which type of marketing should we practise .

Before understanding modern-vs-traditional-marketing we should analyse in detail about the various pros and cons of both the modern marketing and digital marketing we first might learn as to what exactly the term marketing means . Marketing basically refers to all the various activities that a company does in order to sell their goods, services or their products . 

Marketing is very important for any business because it gives the audience and makes us able to interact with our customers. Without marketing, we know that any business cannot grow, its all about their marketing strategies that can turn businesses into big multimillion-dollar companies. . In the sphere of modern-vs-traditional-marketing, this can also be done by the traditional marketing as various old companies are successful even today and the modern marketing as well

However, since we know that marketing is so important to us we must also ensure to give our best and display a picture that is society-friendly and also to keep an environment that is also society-friendly in our company or our business and that will only help us grow further in future. This is the thing that you will see in both modern-vs-traditional-marketing as the basic principle of business is that it should be society friendly

Now since we have got to know about the term marketing we are  ready to know about the various subfields in this term so we can understand and analyse as to which field is better and give our own opinions in the topic modern-vs-traditional-marketing


Traditional marketing refers to various techniques that people used to follow in the recent past years in order to grow their businesses . However some might even follow today as some people are not comfortable changing dynamically according to the changing world and are satisfied using their traditional methods . But we know that it also lagged some points due to which in the sphere of modern-vs-traditional-marketing the traditional one got an under hand .

We can refer to any type of marketing that is done by the means of the offline media as the traditional means of marketing . We can include printing ads, newspapers , magazines , printing pamphlets , printing huge banners of your business in these traditional methods of marketing  .

In the earlier times people  used to adopt and stick to  these measures and they were even considers worth spending money upon because they give huge profits in the form of an audience nase to the companies or the businesses.Moreover, the people at that time did not also had any other option apart from these only so they stick to it and continued to do this so much that today also they are getting sticked it these old ways only and constantly denying the new and modern techniques, which might be helpful to them in the past but surely less helpful today


The strategies in the field of marketing that a company does in order to get new and wider base for their consumers, customers and various service takers ,that requires no offline means can be referred to as the modern techniques of marketing .

Basically modern techniques of marketing is an online mode where people use nothing offline and everything is online through social media ,through the mobile phones etc

These types of marketing techniques does not use the making of big banners ,posters ,printing ads in newspaper etc but instead including connecting to the customers online and trying to increased the potential consumer base through various marketing practices .

However these were proven to be beneficial as they were Easy to understand and were quite easy to reach the local audience ,but they don’t offer the costumer feedback which is a big loss and also the target customer is minimal here which are the major drawbacks.

We will further discuss that howcome in the sphere of modern-vs-traditional-marketing the modern marketing got an upper hand .


Before moving any further , if in future any person suggests you in the sphere of modern-vs-traditional-marketing , that one is good or one is bad , tell them that it depends all on the needs of the consumers and the audience .

Yes that is not a secret that in today,s world the modern marketing strategies have created a type of their own monopoly when discussing about modern-vs-traditional-marketing , over the industry and are out shining the previous traditional methods . This is due to the variety of customisations they can offer to us.

Earlier the major issue was the expensive nature of printing ads in newspapers , magazines etc and also the cost of publishing huge banners was also very high and after all this it was not necessary that your consumer will see your ad.

(For example – if you are endorsing your product that is about an electrical appliance ,it is not necessary that anyone who sees your ad will turn out to be your customer) Here the issue was that when we publish the banners they were made so that everyone could look at them irrespective of their interests whether they are interested In our products or not but they will see the ad leading to wastage of time and money

But today in the case of the modern strategies of marketing the major plus point and the major advantage that we possess is that we can now target our audience and can show only them our ads which will be according to their own niche and their own interests so that it will help us to convert our potential consumers into customers leading to the saving of time ,and as we all know time is money so this also saves our money as well as we don’t need to make huge payments for making and printing ads and banners

.However to practise these modern techniques one must learn all the technical skills,if someone is willing to learn then he /she can succeed .Apart from this one must also have in depth knowledge about the topic modern-vs-traditional-marketing

Moreover since these methods could be carried out by our mobile phones or laptops so we don’t need to take extra tension and stress when in vacation as during the vacations also we can manage our work side by side

However some people who believe that the traditional marketing was best often counter judgement by stating that not everyone is online all the time for various activities but this statement also has an answer,and that is in this growing world no one can be permanently away from their mobile phones so in sometime we will get the audience back as they will search for a thing that they are looking forward to and we can show them or endorse our product to them at that time. 

So all these points ensure that in today’s world ,one must follow and adapt towards the new methods of marketing if they want to grow their organisation,business etc as these methods cope up with the dynamic nature of trends unlike the traditional ones and these ensure to also update your customer time to time and keep them notified about the latest information that is for them .


As a matter of fact we just can not ignore the traditional marketing techniques,because they were the that were being so useful for the past times ,yes today they are less beneficial to target the new audiences but if we talk about the rate of audience retention that are old people,or the people who are not on any social media or don’t use their mobile phones much then it that case the traditional marketing has still got it and can still attract them.

apart from all the provided information there is more information that you could get when you try to analyze more about the topic modern-vs-traditional-marketing ,but that is only when you invest your time in knowing all this .Many people also are confused as to which one is better in the modern-vs-traditional-marketing, and they need to shape their thoughts and intellect in order to get a fruitful outcome

so you should choose accordingly and decide that in the sphere of modern-vs-traditional-marketing which one should U choose.

MAJOR DIFFERENCES modern-vs-traditional-marketing

Now since we got to know in detail as to what actually are all the terms so we can also analyse some major differences between modern-vs-traditional-marketing


  1. It focuses on the maximum profit principle
  2. It focuses on the products rather than the customers
  3. In this marketing there are comparivelty less scope of brand promotion activities 
  4. It is often a short term plan
  5. It is only able to grow in the local areas 
  6. It is a narrow concept 


  1. It focuses on the wants and needs of the consumer
  2. The customer satisfaction is the basic goal
  3. In this marketing there is more scope of brand promotion activities 
  4. It is a long term plan
  5. When done effectively it can grow not only in your local area but your geographical area could also increase
  6. It is a broad concept

So now U need to analyse your product and the demand your product posses in this society! If you think it is more in demand in the local areas only then no doubt ,the traditional marketing could be very much beneficial to you or even if your target audience is comparatively less available on social media or over 55+ years then you should go for the traditional techniques,but if you have scope of growth and want to change dynamically side by side learning effectively with some great skills then you must carry on your modern marketing skills because in the coming future the scope will be more less for traditional marketing.

modern-vs-traditional-marketing is the topic that many people do not have a clear picture of and hence needs to be discussed so that people could choose which type they should practise according to their services offered or their products

So we could analyze that once upon as time in the field of modern-vs-traditional-marketing the modern marketing definitely had an upper hand or advantage but if we talk about it today then surely in the field of modern-vs-traditional-marketing the modern marketing has an upper hand .

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