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In very easy terms performance marketing refers to the type of marketing in which a digital marketer uses his or her digital marketing skills to get the most efficient beneficial result for their clients or customers, and can be proven an asset to brands for their services

In the performance marketing type of marketing this marketing is more focused on the output the final result rather than the process does in this process a digital marketer does not gets his service charges or his pay cuts until and unless they are proven to be beneficial or they are able to give the results to their clients

In this type of marketing the business space for the measurable actions such as clicks engagement lead generation etc

In the recent times many companies many brands have started initiating or trying out various performance marketing campaigns for their businesses and it has also proven to be much beneficial to them 

Performance marketing often comes under the sphere of affiliate marketing because in some cases both of the marketing strategies aim to provide a type of growth to the company or the business or the brand they are involved in the partnership. This was the answer to the term what is performance marketing.


Although a performance marketer and digital marketer may seem very much similar to each other and in reality they also are. A digital marketer is a person who knows the art of marketing a product online through the use of various Digital services and platforms 

A digital marketer often uses his or her potential skills to get the best output possible. To learn more about digital marketing you can read our blog  about digital marketing 

But the main question as to how is a digital marketer different from a performance marketer is that a digital marketer often gets their Commission er regardless of the result they are providing that is they get their service charges apart from the charges that a person spending on their business campaigns or on their website design or content writing etc, 

but this is not the deal in this type of marketing, and a performance marketer will get their Commission or their service charges only when there are generation of leads with their help, that is if they are able to pull of leads from their various digital marketing campaigns then the brand or the company will pay them otherwise if they are not able to do so then the brand or the company will not pay the performance marketer and that is the basic point of performance marketing.

The major difference between a performance marketer and a digital marketer is that a digital marketer will always talk about their service charges the cost per mile or various other monetary factors but in the case of a performance marketer they will always talk about the end results the end goals and final results for the best output and greater good of both the parties involved in this process.

This , it will take every marketing skill to be a digital marketer but it will take the best digital marketing mindset to become a performance marketer because this performance marketing gives you all the types of strategies that you can implement to be productive and also provide to be productive for your brand or the company that you are involved in or that you are marketing or advertising online 


1) The first and the major benefit of this type of marketing is that it gives the market are used respect in the market on the basis of that portfolio their projects that campaigns that they have worked upon

2) You can measure the results and the output of the marketing campaign that you are running 

3) Performance marketing is also a very cost effective marketing because in this type of marketing the brands only pay for the results that are measurable and that are seen and also it gives the motivation to the performance marketer to do their best to apply their best strategies and their campaigns so that it can generate more leads and also the focus is not just only lead generation but the focus is of generating quality leads that can be changed into the potential consumers are the audience 

4) Since performance marketing is very cost effective so the return on investment is also quite high in this marketing .

5) Customers and the audience is engage more in the performance marketing, since they are built in such a way

6) In this marketing we can get better insights of our customers what are their interest what are there surfing patterns what are the things that they like the most and we can run campaign accordingly 

7) The different marketing campaigns are also very dynamic and we can also change them on the basis of the response that you are getting from the audience. 


1) the most major disadvantage of this marketing is the presence of the fraudulent factor 

Since in a performance marketing the business space the marketer for the measurable actions like clicks engagement or the lead generation and the performance marketer is only paid their Commission or their service charges after they are able to bring all the engagement clicks extra to the brand so it often create a situation of road by the business or the company is they do not agree to pay the service charges

2) This marketing relies heavily on the data that they are getting from the campaigns and sometimes it can create a situation where the marketer kind of overlooks and realize heavily on the data and thus not giving much importance to other respects of marketing.

3) performance marketing requires only the best of the best digital marketers,since  every digital marketer cannot do the performance marketing.

4) since in a performance marketing a marketer Reliance heavily on the data so it sometimes does not prove to be good for a building the awareness of the brand or loyal trust among customers.


Since the performance marketing is also a category of digital marketing , since a digital m arketer does the jobs pf being a performance marketer, so we can find different spheres of digital marketing in the sphere of performance marketing only.some of the sphere of performance marketing are 

1) affiliate marketing

2)brand marketing/ brand building

3)all other spheres of digital marketing 


1)Cost per click in performance marketing

In the performance marketing , a company payd the performance marketer for every click that they are getting from the various campaigns created by the performance marketer.

2) Cost per impression

In the cost per impression, the performance marketer and the company agree to a specific amount , like 10rs per 1000 impressions and accordingly the performance marketer gets theri pay. 

3) Cost per sale

Sometimes a company is not interested in generating leads or impression, but they just want the sale for their product , so in that  case they ask the performance marketer to work on increasing the sales for te company pr the  rad and accordingly a performance marketer gets their pay.

4)Cost per lead

Just like the cost per sale , its is the cost per lead in the performance marketing, in this sphere a performance marketer gets their commission whenever they are able to provide a lead to the brand, the rest is the duty of the brand , to turn that lead into quality lead and then inti their potential customer.


Q1) Is performance marketing a scam ?

A1) The performancemarketing is not a scam , it is completely legitimate and is also proven to be beneficial for both the companies and the performance mnarketer inmvolved.

Q2)Difference between performance marketer and a digital marketer?

A2)Explained in detail in the blog above.

Q3) Can a digital marketer be performance marketer?

A3)Yes it is only a digital marketer, who can be performance marketer , a digital market will always talk about their own commission , profits etc , but a performance marketer will talk and think about how they can provide thebbest for their company.

Q4) How to be good in performance marketing?

A4) To be a good performance marketer , you must be strategically actiove as per the latest trends in the market , what are the new demands of people and which type of marketing is latest in the market and accordingly you can run your campaigns . Apart from that you must also think good for the brand or the business whose work you are doing , so that they can get benefits from your services , this is the core of performance marketing.You must always try to be as dynamic as possible to serve the market trends and accordingly p;an. 

These wre the major points of performance marketing , you can check our other blogs related ti the field of digital marketing in our website . to go to our home page IDIGITALBOOST

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