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Social media marketing is the sub-domain of the digital marketing that helps us to target our customers , leads , online through the help of social media platforms such as twitter , linked in , instagram, facebook etc . This is done because the majority of the audience is prsent on the social media nowadays . 

So using social media as a part of growing your business online will be a very good option to captalize and utilize your time and do something productive . But for effectively doing the SMM (social media marketing ) there are some basic steps to follow like , you must be very well aware of your target audience , you must also locate your consumers through social media , you should provide them with genuine sales or services and must try on to improve a better buyer seller relationship .This can be done by doing a QNA or by asking for the valuable feedback from the customers 

All these will also increase the amount of audience retention on your social media handles and thus your account will reach up to more audiences and you could turn them into your potential buyers by targeting them proving beneficial in social media marketing

However you must be knowing that when learning this you must give emphasis to instagram and facebook the most because the amount of users these apps posses is certainly more then the others . 

In India instagram has the largest youth market share of the youth audience and hence instagram is the best in india for growing your business .

But you should keep in mind that when working on instagram you should not be indulged in getting fake likes , or fake followers to get fake fame because that is not going to help you anyways .

 That would give you likes or followers but they will be inactive account or bots and if no still instagram will never again grow that account organically , irrespective of how many Marketing strategies you apply . So if  ychance unfortunately you have done so , just make a new instagram handle and just start following all the necessary social media marketing tips and tricks and be a part of the top social media marketing agencies . this was all about what is social media marketing .


There are many jobs in the field of digital marketing and all its sub-domains are a carrer course in their own . so there are also many jobs in the sphere of social media marketing, if you are good in all the various steps and have acquired the skill then you have a successful carrer in this field . 

First you may need to work on your account in your account in orcer to have some audience and this would also increase your credibility in the market and people will also get to know about who you are and what you actually do .

So whether you are going for an interview you will go with lots of confidence because you will have the cushion of knowledge with you that will help you or even if you are working as a freelancer then also your audience on your social media handle will play an important role in your journey towards success.

As we all know that knowledge learned never goes in vain so is in the case with the social media marketing , if you properly initiate and keep on practising the steps on daily basis you will eventually get success . this is the major plus point of his and as well as you can practise and initiate it anywhere and even work for clients anywhere because it is not neccasary to be present at a particular place and can do it anywhere , you just need your mobile phone . 


The SMM also includes the content marketing , which is again a proper subfield inside the domain . we have discussed in detail about the content marketing for your website . Here is the link click here to know more about it .

But content marketing is a bit different in the social media marketing . now we will learn about content marketing in Social media marketing .Here you must post your content regularly for your audience in order for them to get something new , something productive and also it will help the Instagram algorithm to ensure that you are a regular content craetoe and provide valuable knowldeg inside your domain so it will also increase your rankings .

If you want to succeed in the content marketing for your social media handles you should take this as a part of your daily routine , that you have to do it daily and as well as you should keep in mind that your social media account is very far from the traffic that is not organic or bots and paid traffic . running ads for your account is not one of them , as you can run ads in order to create an audience base .


You may have noticed many times that whatsoever product you search on amazon , flipkart etc you get ads of it on your you tube , instagram or any other app . This is also one of the examples of the social media marketing.

Here you get such a larger audience  as the majority of the audience is present there so it is often proved to be very beneficial for the majority of the businesses today . 


Social media can be very beneficial if you want to know about your competitor , if you want to anallyse what exactly your competitor is doi g in order to know what will be more beneficial to you and to get further reaction 


When you are working as a social media marketer that means you are catering thousansds of the people of you audience and they are following or connected to you because you are providing them something useful . so it is your duty to take intrersts what their interests are . 

You can do this by asking them to comment on your  posts about their interests , asking them about the things that you can improve or so on .


Sinnce social media has a wide variety of users, it helps us to cement and solidify our brand and also it helps our brand, product , service to reac its audience . If our brand is more reached towards the audienc then surely it will add on to your goodwill in the market. these were some of the benefits of doing Social media marketing but apart from these there are many others as well .



There is a decent gap between not posting and more posting which u may need to analyse and work according to that, if you donot post anything then instagram cant recommend you.

Meanwhile posting a lot can annoy your followers , moreover you should keep in mind that nothing should be given or catered before time , you must post like that ,  that you followers continue to crave for more of you .


If you have entered in this field then you must have aa proper and planned strategy, you must analyze how much content is to be delivered in a day , what are the preferable topics , which are the topics that your audience likes and thus engages more, at what times the majority of your audience is active etc

After analyzing you can work according to a ptroper schedule leading to morevlead generation in your account  .


If you are delivering content or anything to your audience you must ensure  your taste and accotrdingly find you audience . you can, not cater all types of audiences at the same time and thus may need to research and chose your audience , because trying to cater 2 audiences at a single time will have adverse effects as they wont like the other content that you post and thus will not be properly connected or engaged with you . 


A major step you must not avoid in doing the social media marketing is that not engaging with your audience , you must always interact with them , either it is by answering the comments or it is by asking them various questions as to improve or even knowing their interests . By doing this the social media sites considers you to be relevant and will help you grow online .


You must avoid using bad language on social media because it will have a negative impact on the people and the social media handles both . so instead you should promote your product , service in a professional way rather than an overfriendly . 


  • Content Marketing/ Content Creating(discussed above)
  • Influencer Marketing: it includes marketing for various brands , promoting them online on your own social media handles as a brand ambassador of that brand , it is a popular practise done by various brand in the recent times 
  • Advertising/ Sponsorship:( discussed above )
  • Social Media Management:( discussed above )




A major case study that you should know is is about the company MERCEDEZ BENZ  . It started a campaign in the year 2013  called #take the wheel , where it selected the top 5 photographers , they gave the wheel of mercedez CLA to them , asked them to take [ictures and share their experience with their followers , whosoever gets the mst likes amongst five would get the car , the brand new CLA 

This was proven to be a successful campaign as the company got a huge hype and there were so much talk and also anticipation about the company’s latest product 

This was initially done in order for the company to success in the young generation,s domain as the average owner of Mercedez was of the age 54 years so thats is why after launching the campaign  many young people of  age less than 40 brought the car for them proving the campaign to be hit.

Case study 2 on Social media marketing

Another major case study is about the IPL team KKR . As we know the owner of the franchise is the king of bollywood SHAH RUKH KHAN , so talking about him only , he is a reason in himself to create buzz around the franchise and attract eyeballs .

But being a franchise , they also wanted to make tier own identity as a cricket franchise and not justb only about the team of the actorv , so in that case the franchise came up with many great ideas 

They started their iwn questions and answers with their fans in order to get engagement and also they started the behind the scenes shoot in qwhich they showed aboit the behind the scenes atmospherve, the atmosphere of the dressing room and was proven to be beneficial in creating an own identity . 


This was all about the SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING that you may need to know in the domain of digital marketing .

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