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In the modern times everyone is entangled in the run of their lives ,getting up early in the morning not even able to have a proper breakfast and just rush to their respective work areas to do their business,Job etc. On returning home they are so tired ,they barely get time to spend with their family ,their loved ones ,they just came home eat their dinner went of to sleep and continue the same hustle the very next day and this chain continues throughout their life. There is no accurate time management for them .

What is the purpose of money when it keeps you away from yourself? Your loved ones? When you are not even able to give yourself atleast 30 mins of the day to think about your personal growth? Is there any means for that?

No,this all is because of the lack of time management. Time management is so so essential and important to practise out through every stage of our respective careers. Without accurate time management,our life as they say will be entangled in the matrix. To have a balanced life and to even enjoy our life and work to the fullest we must always continue to practise the time management.

So what exactly is the term time management? Time management is basically the practise of deeply analysing your pattern of activities your works and how can you organise and divide time between different activities so that to achieve the best possible output. Not only this ,but it is also essential for the overall growth of an individual at personal and professional level both because if an individual is able to have a proper time management between their different tasks

If they are getting timely breaks between their work then their productivity will also increase that will benefit their professional life ,and this will also give them the motivation and make them happier,moreover after all this they will also start enjoying their work so it will add on as a positive factor in their personal life as well. That is why we say that time management is a must to learn in today,s world when we have tons of the tasks to complete in a day but we have just 24hours and even out of those 24hours 8 hours are for sleeping and 1 hour for eating food ,so in total we are just left with the 15 hours.

And even out if those 15 hours,if talking about the corporate world 2 hours are gone for travelling so just 13 hours left and out of these 13 hours they had to manage their 8-10 hours of work so they hardly get time for other activities and they need to have a proper time management plan for themselves.

Even the students also need to have a proper time management plan for them because their majority of the day is in the school ,and after the schools also the rest of the day is spent in the tuitions and studies so they also hardly get a time for a break ,to rest or even to play with their friends and we know that (all study no play makes jack a dull boy)


After learning about the time management,what it exactly is we can easily analyse that would be the importance and benefits of this time management strategies. By making proper action planes ,determining predefined goals and aiming to complete them before the time given ,we would be able to analyse how much time will be consumed by our which activities ,and accordingly we can prioritise out time consuming activities over the lesser time consuming activities and this will also result in less burden over us to get the work done .

Moreover ,it is a human physiology that whenever we have set a specific time period goal that we need to finish this task before this time period ,we actually finish the work before the time,which gives us some extra time ,under that extra time it is totally upon us if we want to spend it in doing our next activities or if we want to take some time as rest ,Afterall rest are also necessary for continuous functioning of the brain and body.

Moreover ,it helps you to gain your self confidence by getting work done before the time allotted ,so you can feel that sence of confidence in you that ,the amount of work doesn’t matter you got the abilities to get the work done and as a result by continuous practise you can work more in less time which will enhance your overall creativity in whichever field or niche you are in,last but not the least it also helps you breakdown a big task into small simpler tasks ,or we can say even different checkpoints so that you can take a break after you reach a particular checkpoint.


There are lots of skills required to manage your time efficiently and practise it in daily life.Some of the skills required in this field are writing down 


By prioritizing the bigger tasks you can effectively complete your work under the allotted time.This is a good habit which will help you not in your work as a professional but also in many stages of your life by,managing tie effectively.


Group discussions are very important during any any activity zit also helps us to understand the concept with more clarity ,helps us to clear our doubts as well as know what are the point of view of other people so it must be done regularly ,and it will also benifots your skills.


Short breaks are must in any activity,and if you take short breaks regularly and do your work with full dedication it will improve your creativity and production also.


If you haven’t set any predetermined goals ,then you won’t be able to complete the work ,so you need to set them before starting so that you already have this thing in the back of your mind that you are left with this much work in this much time.


By properly strategizing the work you will get to know how much time will it take for you to complete it and how much changes it requires or any other things required under the domain of that particular works ,project etc.


Constant learning is the key for any work ,and by learning and understanding concepts clearly you will be able to apply them in the real world problems as well. 


Goals setting as we discussed is setting some predefined goals and aiming to finish them under a specific time limit.


If you want to succeed in any field you must avoid multitasking and same is the case with time management,if you keep on handling 2 tasks at the same time you would get entangled and a situation will come when you won’t be able to complete any of your tasks ,neither the first one not the second so to avoid that you must avoid multitasking.


You must set some personal deadlines that this work needs to be finished by you before this date or this time ,although that would not be the formal or the official one but this will be your race with yourself only.


Keeping a check of your passwords is very lenghthy tasks ,epsecially in the tech field you need to have accounts on so many different websites and it is next to impossible to remember all the passwords ,so in that case you can have a password manager which will save all your passwords of differe t websites that will make your log in to the website next time much more easier and smooth. It will also save your time.


You must be aways from any sort of distractions as distractions are the obstacles in your path,they will consume your time in unnecessary activities ,surfing social media unnecessarily,wasting 2hours of your day will not give you anything.So whenever you are starting g with your work make sure the atmosphere is cal and you are free from all kinds of distractions. 


The basic problems that students face is how can they manage their time in their busy schedule?

The students do not get enough time after their schools get over,in 24 hours of the day 7 hours are spent in the school and we can say at least 1-2 hours they need for the traveling,adding on to that 8 hours of sleep and 2 hours tuition plus 1-2 hours of self study ,so hardly do they get any time to look up to any other activity ,thatswhy the kids ate always excited for their summer and winter vacations

So the students should learn time management at a very early age ,so that it can help them throughout their school life and when they enter their professional life they have this time management habit thoroughly developed in them,so that it can also help their career as well.

So students can manage their time by initiating the above activities as well and they can also create a schedule to follow throughout the week ,moreover try to finish their extra work between the school hours in the arrangement periods so that they are left with some extra time .


Time management as we know has a lot of importance in any field and so is the case with digital marketing. This field asks your for your time and patience as the results will come your way slowly and steadily but not in a single go,but all the wait is worth rewarding .

You have a lot of work in this field, posting daily backings,posting content for blogs routinely,posting on your social media handles constantly,all these fields required time and patience,but once you get used to this work then it will seem as a cake walk to you. This also can be effectively done by following all the strategies we have mentioned above.

Also you can have a proper list of the work you need to get done in a particular day ,like posting backlinks on 30-40 different websites ,or posting a blog ,posting content on social media ,working for clients etc and these depend on the field you are doing the digital marketing. If you are a content writer you can be good in SEO ,if you like editing and designing you can be good in web design and the social media as well so that can help your clients as well.

So we can analyse that time management skills are very effective and important in whichever field you are but side by side you should try to practise them daily and be up to date about your own niche or your field so that you know what are the latest trends in your field and can cater your respective audiences.

We have Understand the terms time management,skills required in it ,it’s importance ,why is it so necessary in today’s world and so on,but remember everything requires continuous attention and continuous practise so you better try these techniques in your daily day to day life to get the best results possible otherwise it will benefit you for the short term purpose but it will be useless in the long run ,so make sure you keep on strategizing ,making short term goal and long term both,dividing your tasks , taking frequent short breaks ,giving yourself time to think and analyse and other strategies as well

All these things will continuously help to increase your overall productivity and you will definitely see the changes in yourself after a period of time but make sure that you are able to cop up with the new pace you have gained and also try to speed up and match with your new life and results that you are getting.

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