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The term website development or web development refers to the practices that are associated with , as the name suggests building a website, whether it is your own or for a brand , or for your customer . It consists of various stages, analyzing the niche, finding the recent themes, posting regularly , applying all the protocols of google , working on the website on a routine basis.

Depending on the needs of the customer , you can help them to make a site that is worth the value and can be proven to be beneficial to them . websites can be make on different languages and different softwares , likes html , on coding , java script , wordpress etc.


HTML stands for the hypertext markup language and it plays a very key role in web development. it plays a very key role in making and designing the front end portion of the website , however you must first learn good coding to be a professional in this , but the language is quite easy to understand , you just need to understand about the tags , their positioning and just initiating them , and your website would be ready . 


CSS stands for cascading style sheets. this is used to layout the designs of your webpages , when you design your webpages good , they look visually more appealing so in that case if you are working on the web development, then using CSS will be suitable for you.


Mostly, we have heard from the graphic designers that the java script is one of the most difficult languages to learn , but in reality this is not the case , instead the javascript is one of the most conveniently learned languages , learning this language can be very easy and can help you alot in the journey of your Web development .

The javascript basically helps to create an interactive website for the customers , it also helps to create buttons , popups , modify our content and even use animations  etc . 


Boot starp prpvides a front end framework for easier web development ,it consists of various javascript plugins , HTML and CSS language based various types of templates , which can be very  beneficial for your website . 


It is a leading programing software which is proven to be very beneficial in the web development. Many startups, professional brands are making their websites on the wordpress software, this is easy to use as it does not insists on coding and writing various commands but apart from that it is a kind of designing software for your website , and the servers are also quite fast and effective.


This language helps to manage the resources on the website more efficiently, for a better experience, It also helps in decreasing the load that the servers might be facing and also helps in making the overall surfing on the website more easy and comfortable, so that the user can surf and the website could have  a better audience retention as well.


We can refer to Jquery as an extension for the javascript, the main work of this language is to take all the commands of the Java script and make them short and easier to run, so the the work of the web developers is now less and so is the burden as well . So we can say that the JQuery makes it much easier to access the javascript.


The dream viewers basically is a web page editor and it allows you to modify your web pages without learning the coding of HTML , so in that case also the work of the web developer is quite less and the burden as well .  


The field of digital marketing is quite a vast field and every subdomain of it is a career course in its own , and so is the case with the web development, however, you can also opt for the web development course individually if you want to do well and learn on the web dvelopment. You could learn the course in the university , various institutes. You just need to ensure that you are learning and practisig the course from a respected university or the institute, with good placements opportunities for you.

The average fee structure can be varied depending upon the amount of time they are investing and the reputation of the university of the institutes that is promoting the web development  course . starting prices might be from rs 10, 00 and can even go up to rs 3 lakh inr , while you must not think about the money but think about your career because in the next heading, we are going to discuss about te placements and jobs after learning this course. 

But first let us know what are the different types of things that you will get to learn in this course 

  • Python training
  • WordPress training
  • Java script certifications
  • Full java developer
  • Coding expert 

Apart from the above-mentioned topics you will get to learn various other things and languages as well .the average duration of the web development course is about 1, 1.5 years and a maximum to 2 years ,and you will get to learn a lot, various different languages , and also you will also be given the real ife clients so that you get the necessary exposure 


As the name suggests the job of the web developer is after all obviously is to create the website for the clients, and upon looking at the requirements of the clients  they could opt for coding, WordPress etc and various other options. 

There are many placements and much need if the web developers in the tech industry and various multinational companies like Infosys etc and with the increase in the digitalization, much of the businesses are going to come into the sphere of a dynamic world and at that time they will need to build up a website for their business so keeping that in mind the scope of web development is much higher.

The average salaries are also quite handsome and moreover it allows you to work as a freelancer, allowing you to grow more in your career. Some of the websites are been built for more than 2 lakhs, and even some pages are built for thousands, so we can easily analyze about the scope of the web development. 


Rgere can be many projects that you can get under the domain of the web development 

Some of them can be as follows 

  • Creating a landing page 
  • Making the layout for website 
  • Blog website making( for SEO purposes)
  • Portfolio website 

And many other more 


There are many web development companies and even many successful companies where you can get paced on the basis of your experience , your work , your clients , your abilities , your projects and your CV . 

Some of them are as follows

  • SEO Tech Experts Pvt Ltd
  • Incrementors web solutions
  • Infosys
  • TA Digital
  • SAM web studio 

Apart from these, there are also many more companies where you can work and plan out to have a successful career. 


If you are reading this blog that definitely means that you might be having some interest in the web development and even thinking of securing a successful career in this field. Let me explain to you how to plan this journey and grow . 

You first should try to calculate that which type of website your client requires, and then choose how to satisfy them , whether HTML, javascript , WordPress etc. You should try to finish the work of client as soon as possible and then only move to another client, if in,greed you take clients at the same time then you will not be able to satisfy both the clients, and after that you should calculate how much time you are taking for a single client and accordingly try to improve and try to do the same work in lesser time without compromising the results and accordingly you can also charge your clients . 

As the time will pass, you will eventually get better in this , and you will be able to handle more clients then earlier nd satisfy them by providing an overall good and even better product then earlier , and even you will realise that the clients will also be ready to pay you well and the overall trust for you will also grow in the market.

This was all about the web development , we have discussed in detail about what exactly is the web development , wehat are the things that you will get to learn in this field , what are the different software or the language that you can learn , what projects you can get , the overall duration of the courses and as well the placements and the salaries as well , so now it is the time for you to step up and begin a new journey in your life .

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